Welcome to our Modern History Project.

Two grade 10 students were tasked with completing their history culminating project on any arguable topic in Modern History; that is from 1950 onward.

This is the result.

Our aim was to answer the question:

“To what extent was the United Nations responsible for the magnitude of the Rwandan Genocide?”

Based on our extensive research, we formed the thesis:

“The United Nations inadequate mandate in Rwanda directly influenced the magnitude of the Rwandan Genocide, and if the UN took a more involved approach, the impact of the genocide could have been mitigated.”

We also discovered that while the UN may have been able to mitigate or prevent most of the genocide, there was a deeper underlying cause for the genocide:

“The true cause of the Rwandan Genocide was the negative influence of the European colonists on the relationship of the Hutus and Tutsis”

In the articles we have created, we aim to provide readers with some background information pertaining to the Rwandan Genocide, and prove our theses.


Thank you,

Anson Chen

Balu Viswanathan