The Steps to Genocide

The above chart shows the 8 stages of genocide, as developed by Gregory H. Stanton. Based on this information, we will attempt to examine the 8 stages of the Rwandan genocide.

Stage 1: Classification

  • The division between the Hutus and Tutsis stems from way back when the Cushite (Tutsis) first conquered the Bantu (Hutus) and established themselves as rulers, an elite class  a cut above.
  • The colonists came and further emphasized this divide by stating that the Tutsis are more European because of their physical qualities.
  • When the colonists left, they left the Hutus in power. The Hutus, full of resentment, have placed themselves above the Tutsis, creating a whole new divide.

Stage 2: Symbolisation

  • The division between the Hutus and Tusis was symbolised by their slight physical differences.
  • The Hutus implemented identification cards that indicated whether you were Hutu or Tutsi.

Stage 3: Dehumanisation

  • The Tutsis were cockroaches to the Hutu, vermin that were less than human.

Stage 4: Organisation

  • The MNRD and Interahamwe planned the genocide very well.
  • There were timely shipments of weapons.
  • Appropriate usage of propaganda.
  • Coordinated attack against the Tutsis

Stage 5: Polarisation

  • The MNRD and Interahamwe used all forms of media available to spread the Hutu power ideology.
  • The message was clear: the Hutus were better than the Tutsis
  • When the President’s plane crashed, propaganda and media were used effectively and efficiently to blame the Tutsi’s

Stage 6: Preparation

  • Looking back, it seems that the MNRD and Interahamwe timed everything perfectly, and were adequately prepared to attack.
  • The victims were identified mainly through the identity cards that the Hutu government had previously implemented.

Stage 7: Extermination

  • When the signal was given, the Interahamwe and other Hutus conducted a deliberate, coordinated attack on the Tutsis and Hutu moderates.
  • The targets were systematically attacked over a period of 100 days before the genocide was stopped.
  • Millions of lives were lost, both Tutsi and Hutu.

Stage 8: Denial

  • The UN tried to deny the occurrence of a genocide while it was ongoing.
  • The UN High Commission of Human Rights conducted an “investigation” into the matter.
  • After much deliberation, the massacres in Rwanda were recognized as a genocide.
  •  Today, the UN clearly and precisely highlights the failures of UNAMIR, and does not deny the occurrence of the genocide.

23 thoughts on “The Steps to Genocide

  1. The behaviour of the UN in the Rwandan Genocide is disgusting and treacherous.
    Since its founding, the United Nations has embraced a militaristic and violent socialism, vehemently supporting the left side of politics. This is manifest in the vocal hatred of the Papacy in their support of proposed arrest of Pope Benedict XVI.
    They only want to line their own pockets, and support overpriced healthcare when they don’t pay for it, and same-sex marriage because its supporters donate to them. Kofi Anan is evil and should have listened to Dallaire. Instead he just pretended that it wasn’t happening so Un countries wouldn’t take his power away. He is an enabler just like Albert Speer, Wilhelm Canaris and all the other Germans who just “kept their heads down”. He is there to keep his head and chin up. A bit hard when Anan and the UN are Spineless.
    Di Te Ament

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  3. You have to feel sorry for the Hutu and Tutsi people. The leader of RPF Paul Kagame is also a genocidal Fascist and has a tight grip on Rwanda’s people. It’s not like they can go to Burundi as that is not a safe haven for either Hutu or Tutsi. Zaire/ Congo Kinshasa is out of the question as is Congo Brazzaville. Does anyone really want to go to Uganda, South Sudan or Tanzania?

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